Path to Homeownership at Rio Robles

Thank you for your interest in Rio Robles, Inc. We are delighted you are considering making our Park your future home. Before purchasing a home in Rio Robles, all interested persons must first be approved by the Rio Robles Board of Directors.  All home purchases are between sellers and buyers, and Rio Robles is not involved in the sale of a home. Please read our rules and regulations and the approval process below. Print out the Application for Residency and mail completed application to Rio Robles along with you $225 application fee.

Many people who visit Rio Robles fall in love with the beauty of the Park and the warm, friendly people who live here, and wish to become a permanent resident of the community.

Rio Robles has a process all interested future residents need to follow, before purchasing a home here.

1. All prospective residents need to either visit Rio Robles office for an Application for Residency and a copy of Rio Robles Rules and Regulations, or obtain a copyfrom our website.

2. Complete the application fully and turn it into the Rio Robles office along with an application deposit of  $170. (Cash or check only).

3. Rio Robles will run a background check and credit check for each person named on the application.

4. The Board of Directors will schedule a face-to-face interview with all members of your household.

5. If approved by the Board of Directors, your name will be placed on our Waiting List.

6. If not approved by the Board of Directors, your Application Deposit Funds will be returned to you. 

7. When a property becomes available for sale. All approved applicants will be called by the office with the property address.

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Rio Robles Rules & Regulations 2020

Application for Residency 

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The approval process entails:

  • Submission of Application for Residency along with a $225 application fee.

  • Background checks and credit checks will be run on all applicants, and the Board of Directors will interview the applicants. The Board usually interviews the 3rd Tuesday of each month.

  • If approved, applicants will be placed on a waiting list and called when a property is available for sale.

  • If NOT approved, A portion of the application Deposit will be returned.

  • Approved applications are valid for 12 months, and can be extended another year by written request.

  • Once a home is purchased, $170 of the application fee will be credited toward the first month's lot rent.

  • Once a home is purchased, the new homeowners are required to purchase 4000 shares of Rio Robles Stock.